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The Still

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At Outer Banks Distilling, our approach to crafting Kill Devil Rum is a hybridization of time-honored traditions and contemporary innovation. We pride ourselves on our unique fermentations, carefully blending molasses to cultivate distinctive flavors during the fermentation process. Our exploration of rum's versatility knows no bounds; we delve into the vast array of flavor profiles achievable through barrel aging, paying homage to the influence of each environment on our spirits. Defining our rum as not by one region but how that region can influence the character, like Barrel aging environment, seasonal changes as opposed to Caribbean rums

Key Distillery philosophies and concepts

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Our distilling style is a hybridization of traditional distilling techniques with a modern influence


unique fermentations regarding the blends of molasses and flavor development through fermentation practices

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sourcing unique sugars for small batch projects, water filtration, long slow fermentations to develop complex flavors

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flagship styles defining the level quality rum can be made in a small batch distillery, small batches creating new experiences for consumers

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kill devil silver

Silver or white rum is rum in it’s purest form. A spirit that highlights its raw ingredients, unaltered by aging or spices, to reveal a spectrum of flavors. The molasses base of the rum comes through with hints of toasted marshmallow, crème brûlée, and vanilla with a smooth clean finish. A versatile mixing rum that also stands up well on its own.

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Inspired by large pecan trees that tower over our distillery, Kill Devil Pecan Rum gives us the chance to utilize local produce. The honey used is sourced from our neighboring town of Wanchese while the pecans are from an orchard just across the Croatan sound in Manns Harbor. This rum has butterscotch in the nose and starts out with nutty pecan flavors giving way to a subtle honey finish that gives it body and a creamy mouthfeel. A rather pleasant byproduct of our production is a large quantity of rum soaked pecans. We have now begun to candy these pecans!

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A meticulously crafted American spiced rum from the graveyard of the Atlantic. With 11 carefully selected spices, notes of citrus peel, and fig, our spiced rum offers a harmonious blend of flavors that transport you to our sun-soaked shores.

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